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See, the thing about Mary – she has completely turned my life around; changed everything. But, for the record, over the last few years there are two people who have done that…and the other one is…
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our time is running out
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The minute I started reading the [Sherlock] script, I thought, ‘Yeah, this is going to be a lot of fun.’

And then, I met with [Gatiss and Moffat] and it was only after we talked about what it would be developed into, and the relationship of Watson and Holmes and where’d they go, that I thought, ‘Yeah, this could be terrific fun. I’m going to go for it.’

Benedict Cumberbatch 

(Collider interview, October 2012 [x])

"What it would be developed into … the relationship of Watson and Holmes and where they’d go…"

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'This just… sort of… happened.'
Oh wellll, I have much more important things to do but… Sherlock happened :’D
Hope you like this little ruffle-gif-art-thingie!
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Benedict & his mum Wanda mannerism parallels in Sherlock.
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The Game Is Back On.
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"You should have seen what happened to the other one"
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sexual orientation:

JEEESUS goD almighty what is this even FLFLFLFLFL

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in what universe would you see this gif and be like “that’s probably martin freeman”


I love this universe. This universe is awesome. 

I just teared up thinking about that shoulder with a scar on it damn.

Oh, fuck yes. Some dog tags dangling…

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what do you mean this didn’t happen
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Irene Adler + (sub)text

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Sherlock S3E3